Ahmet (English text: Ahmet)

Interviewed on May 18, 2019

Interviewer: Ayla Yackley

Ahmet was born in the early 1960s.  He gives an in-depth interview here on his identity in Turkey.  He calls himself a Turkish man of African descent.  He often is asked by white Turkish people “where are you from?”  He responds that he is from Torbalı and that he was born and raised in the city.  His response often leads to unexpectedly rich conversations about race and ethnicity in Turkey.

Ahmet is one of three children, and he is the only male child.  His parents were born near or in Izmir, but his grandparents were likely born enslaved.  Ahmet’s father died when Ahmet was seven years old, and he doesn’t have distinct memories of conversations about his grandparents’ lives. In this interview, Ahmet talks about his life as a commercial farmer and the future of Afro-Turk identity and culture.  The interview was filmed at his farm in Tulum.

Due to technical difficulties, the first part of the interview was recorded but not transcribed.  The transcription of the second half of the interview is below.  The transcription is in Turkish.  Dr. Brown welcomes efforts to transcribe the first part of the interview and to translate the interview into English.

Similarly, since the interview was filmed outside, the sound quality is poor, especially when Ahmet is speaking. Listeners may have to increase the volume on their devices significantly or follow along in the transcript.

Interview notes – – The interview is in two parts, and each segment runs for about ten minutes.  There is one piece of additional footage of the first take of the interview.

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Ahmet interviewed By Ayla and Beyhan
Ahmet (right) talks about his house to Esat (left)
Left to right: Ayse and Esat, Sakir, Beyhan and Ayla and Bam, Ahmet
Group photo featuring Esat (second from left) and Ahmet (second from right)

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